Journals For Children


Before my children were born I purchased two journals, one for a boy and one for a girl, intuition I suppose. I started writing in my son’s journal before he was born. My ultimate goal is to give the journals to my children one day. So far for my son, I’ve written about the pregnancy, birth, day-to-day logs and stories.

When I write, I always give the heading a title and add the date. At the end I sign with x’s and o’s and Love, Ma, but here one can be creative and write whatever. When I write a log, I’ll write something such as, today ‘child’s name’ learned how to walk and I’ll also add a time. At 5:30PM ‘child’s name’ spread red jello all over the floor (true story).

I’ve stored a few items in the journal such as a photo, a lock of hair and a first birthday invitation. Each time I open the journal, its fun to look back and it helps me to remember why I’m journaling.

I’ve done the exact same for my daughter. If one hasn’t ever kept a journal it’s never too late. In the end, yourself and your family will enjoy the memories for years to come.

Happy Journaling! Thank you for being a part of The Rocking Horse Farmhouse…