DIY Rain Cloud Baby Costume

made a rain cloud costume for my 10 month old baby. Simple and original. Here’s a list of the items and the total cost:

Floppy hat | Home App $2
Onesie | Had
Tutu | Home App $2
Stockings | Had
Cotton batting | Wal-Mart $4
Adhesive paper | Wal-Mart $4
Glue sticks &
Glue gun
$12 Total


Begin applying the cotton batting with the hot glue gun onto the floppy hat, applying small amounts and working from the outside of the rim toward the center of the hat.

You don’t want the hat to be top-heavy, so lighten the batting and add the extra pieces to the open areas.

After the hat is completely covered, add batting to the top and back of the hat.


Cut and apply the rain drops onto the tutu. You can cut the raindrops free-hand, or if you prefer a more precise cut, google a stencil to guide you. Cut a total of 10 raindrops or more.

The raindrops have an adhesive backing and are simple to apply.

Apply the raindrops randomly.


Happy Hallow’s Eve!