DIY Starry Sky Costume


Made a Starry Sky costume, inspired by Hedy Lamarr and The Billfold.


Black turtleneck | Wal-mart $5

Black leggings | Lularoe

Black thick headband | Dollar Store $1

Adhesive silver glitter paper | $4 Wal-mart

Duct tape | Wal-mart $3

Florist wire | Wal-Mart $2

Silver lipstick | Home App $1



White paper


I Googled star templates and once I found a star I liked, I placed the white paper over the phone screen and traced the star with the pen. I cut out the star and traced it onto the adhesive foam sheet. When finished cut out the stars you traced.


You’ll need the florist wire, scissors and duct tape. I cut the wire at 2 feet and wrapped it around the headband a few times at the center. After wrapping the wire I brought the pieces together and twisted. I made a total of 7.


I cut a small trip of duct tape and began taping around the twisted florist wire until all the wire was covered.


Place thd stars on the florist wire. I began at the top and placed two together each time until the wire was covered in stars.

Begin placing the stars onto ths turtleneck. I started at the top of the neck and worked my way down, including the shoulders and top part of the arms.

  • Will be wearing silver lip stick and eyeshadow.

Starry Sky

Happy Hollow’s Eve!