Frugal Christmas Gifts


Here are a few tips to be frugal while shopping for gifts during the Holidays…

  • Organization is key and especially during the holidays. We’re meant to enjoy the Holidays and not become overwhelmed. Make a list of each person you’re planning to have a gift for. Write their name and the gift you may have in mind for each person. For example: Grandma V- Slippers or Uncle Bob- airplane model.

  • Keep a clear storage container stored away specifically for Christmas gifts. Gather gifts throughout the year. Also, purchase on sale items as you find them. It’s never too early to start a Christmas gift list. By the time Christmas arrives you’ll have all the gifts and won’t need to run around frantically or shovel out a large amount of funds all at once.

  • DIY gifts are personal and thoughtful. If you’re considering making the Christmas gifts, plan in advance. DIY gifts do not always go to plan, so the second tip mentioned of starting the gifting process EARLY is a wise decision.
  • When searching for DIY gifts the most helpful place to search is Pinterest. Search DIY Gifts | DIY Christmas Gifts | DIY frugal Gifts/Christmas Gifts. Here are a list of frugal DIY gifts:
  • Ornamnets
  • Photo Albums
  • Face Scrubs
  • Knitted Items
  • Wooden Signs
  • Potpourri
  • Gift Baskets
  • Candles
  • Soaps
  • Magnets
  • Watercolor Artwork
  • Clay Items
  • Herbs
  • Baked goods and many more!

  • Here are a few of my go to gift shops…
  • HomeGoods and TJMaxx are the mecca of discount home decor, with multiple clearance isles. These stores purchase primarily for the present season, so buying for spring in the spring, instead of the fall prior. That means they’re able to scoop up stock other retailers left behind a few months prior, while still buying in-season goods. HomeGoods buyers travel the world to find the most exciting and unique merchandise available. These places provide the best merchandise at the right price.
  • Target also has several clearance areas, usually located at the end of an isle.

  • Brown postal wrapping paper can be found at several places, including the Dollar Store or Target. The postal paper is inexpensive, simple and the paper is plain so the decorating is endless. A few items to add may be twine, fresh herbs, washi tape, paints or ink stamping, with DIY gift tags. An endless supply of free-printable gift cards can be found on Pinterest.
  • Also, purchase after Christmas wrapping paper and save the wrapping for next year!