Garage Sale Rocking Horse


Sharing a DIY project of a wooden rocking horse I purchased at a garage sale for .50 cents. I transformed the horse into a rustic-rockin-gem!

  • Rocking horse | Garage Sale .50
  • Twine | Dollar Store
  • White chalk paint | Wal-Mart $2
  • Brown wax | Wal-mart $2
  • Sand paper | Dollar Store
  • Foam brush | Dollar Store
  • Glue gun/Sticks
  • Cloth

  • Removed the yarn tail from the back before I began applying the white chalk paint

  • Painting…

  • Applied a total of three coats, working from the top-down and allowed the paint to dry for 20 minutes in between

  • Used a wet/dry cloth to apply the brown wax

  • Applied the brown wax along the edges and creveses and wiped off the excess wax until I was satisfied with the look

  • Sanding, my favorite…

  • Sanded along the edges where natural wear occurs

  • Sanded lightly along the flat surface to reveal the patterns underneath

  • Used brown twine for the tail hair and applied the tail/twine with a hot glue gun

  • Bunched the pieces together and sealed the end with the hot glue gun

  • Applied the tail/twine to the wooden horse with the hot glue gun

  • Here’s the rocking horse in all it’s glory, may name it…

Happy Decorating Y’all!

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