DIY Paper Floral Decor


DIY paper flowers…


  • Choose your paper. You can use paper tissues, wrapping paper, paper bags, etc.
  • Depending on the size of the desired flower, fold the paper into 4-6 squares.


    • Cut along the folds
    • You’ll end up with twice as many pieces


    • Gather the pieces and begin folding back and forth
    • The paper will resemble a fan


    • Gather the twine
    • Tie the twine in a knot at the center of the paper and make sure the twine is a decent length, so you’d be able to hang or attach the flower later


    • Cut the ends of the paper in a curve or triangle, depending on what shape you’d like the ends to be


    • Fan out both ends and begin carefully pulling the tissue apart
    • tissue apart

    • Keep the twine visible for simple tying or taping

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