HG and Ketones

Greeings, an update on Hyperemesis Gravidarum from the Help Her Foundation, and I quote:
“The International Olloquium on HG in London Oct 5-6 was a great success! Two presentations explained how ketones should not be required to be diagnosed with HG or given treatment. Some women are denied IV fluids if they do not have ketones. What are ketones? They are produced when the body is starving and uses fat versus carbohydrates as fuel. Ketones do not always correlate with weight loss or symptoms severity. They do predict a longer duration of hospitalization.

-Kimber MacGibbon

Unfortunately at one point during my HG pregnancies, one on call Doctor in the hospital at the time did not want to place me in the category of having Hyperemesis since very few ketones were showing in my urine. As MacGibbon states above, ketones should not be required to be diagnosed with HG. Of course later my actual Doctor agreed I was indeed suffering from HG.

It’s tragic to know we have many uninformed/uneducated people in the medical field, as woman continue to suffer from the agressive HG. Many thanks to the Help Her Foundation and ALL who care and contribute.