Garage Sale


Growing up I enjoyed adventuring out to garage sales. I did not mind the early hours since I knew what awaited; treasures to be found. I’ve continued the tradition of going to garage sales with my children. Here are tips to help make the garage sale experience enjoyable…

I’ve discovered a helpful FREE app which navigates to garage sales in ones area. The ‘Yard Sale Treasure Map’ can be downloaded through the Play Store. The app is connected to Craigslist. Any postings of a garage sale on Craigslist is sent to the app and the app will navigate through google maps to the sale.

I believe most may know to use cash only at garage sales, but this may be a new concept for some and that’s okay. Garage sales are cash only. This is a good time to also consider a budget. I normally bring between 10-20 dollars to any given sale and in small change. Mostly $1 bills and coins are best.

Most garage sales I’ve seen begin between 6-8 AM. Going earlier may indicate you’ll be the first on the scene and therefore find the ‘best items,’ and this may be true for certain items, such as furniture, but from my experience sometimes I prefer going later. Late in the day the ‘garage sellers’ are ready to donate and are more likely to sell for a better deal. That being said, both early and later have their benefits.

We may have certain items that peak our interest. I enjoy searching for rustic farmhouse and vintage decor. I’ve been going to garage sales for many years and have a knowledge in Antique Archeology, so I know what I’m searching for. Before one ventures out do a quick google search and check to see how much items are worth these days.

Best! Thank you for being a part of The Rocking Horse Farmhouse…