Rae Dunn ‘Little by Little’


I Recently began collecting Rae Dunn pottery. I did not realize the items are a challenge to find at their original price. I’m hoping Rae Dunn will become less challenging to locate at it’s original price. RD was first and currently sold at Home Goods, TJMaxx and Marshalls. The items are sold in small amounts and quickly purchased. Individuals are clearing the shelves and re-selling the RD for a higher profit. This type of behavior makes it challenging for true collectors to find the pieces they’re searching for. I’ve seen the RD items being sold on platforms such as Etsy and Mercari for triple the retail.

I found my first Rae Dunn piece at Home Goods on a Saturday night while out on a date with the hubby. The RD piece I found was the icon bowl with the word ‘slurp’ on it. The price of the bowl was 4.99. I asked the clerk if they had more RD items. The clerk told me their shipments come in on Tuesdays and the shelves are quickly cleared. The clerk referred to the clearers as ‘shelf clearers’, or as the clerk jokingly put it, ‘guppies in the water’. Gave me a chuckle.

I recently went on a Tuesday morning and waited with a few other individuals. The other shoppers had brought large baskets and bags. As soon as Home Goods opened the shoppers rushed to the Rae Dunn items. There must have been over 60 items, including plates, mugs, bowls ect… Three shoppers cleared all the items, as well as breaking items during the process.

This was my experience with Rae Dunn shopping. I’ve decided to purchase ‘little by little’ at the original price and enjoy the hunt. I’m not surprised with the behavior of the shoppers, but hope someday soon something will change. I’m suggesting an official online Rae Dunn shop.

Best of luck Rae Dunn finding!