Target Spring Decor

Spring is in the air, blossoms on the trees and the birds arw building nests in the family’s barn. This year for spring I’m focusing on dark greens, white, beige with pops of bright colors. Since I’m a frugal bug, I’m constantly trying to budged and save. Target is one of my go to places for when I need good quality items at a decent price. From ceramic figurines to realistic silk florals, Target has several amazing finds. I picked out a few items I like:

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Ceramic Bunny

Found this sweet hand painted ceramic bunny. Simple and lightweight too. I like the combination of colors with this piece, they’re delicate and pleasing.

Flower Can

I’ve been collecting galvanized items for a while now and found a floral tin can at Target, it’s printed with ‘Flowers & Garden’. I may place florals in it or use it as is or both.

Tin Post

Dark green tin post decor. I was so glad to find this vintage post tin. I needed a decor piece to add to our herb garden and this tin post is just right. I’m fine with retro, yes I’d prefer the real deal, but my goal is to budget, so we’ll stay with a frugal choice.

Floral Decor

Realistic florals in a glass vase. Normally my go to for florals and greens are Michaels Craft or Kirklands, until I stumbled across Target’s florals. Their flowers look so real and lovely! This particular colorful arrangement is my favorite.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the goodies I found, and y’all enjoy searching for spring items! Thank you for being a part of the Rocking Horse Farmhouse…