DIY Tiered Stand

Simple and inexpensive rustic- farmhouse tiered stand. I’ve seen many different types of tiered stands, including wood, galvaized, metal and glass and my favorites are the wood and galvanized stands. I’m not a fan of the prices so I decided I’d make my own. I went with a metal and wood combination. I had two wood spools I found after Christmas for .49 cents. and decided to use the spools at the center of the tier to hold it in place. I researched how others made theirs and decided to head to the Dollar Tree. I purchased three round baking pans along with E6000 glue, sand paper and added a wooden closepin at the top. Here’s the list of supplies and how I made the inexpensive-tiered stand. The total cost would be approx 6.00 dollars and it will depend on what you have on hand:

  • 3 Metal Baking Pans | Dollar Tree
  • Wood Spools | Wal-Mart
  • Sand Paper | Dollar Tree
  • E6000 Glue | Wal-Mart
  • Clothes Pin | Dollar Tree

  • Begin sanding the three pans. I wanted a worn look

  • Begin applying a small amount of the E6000 glue at the middle of the wood spool, so to not have the glue spill out when pressed into the pan

  • Press lighting
  • Continue the process with each tier

  • While gluing make sure the pans are even and the wood spools are also aligned

  • If you have a third wood spool, add it to the top
  • I decided to add the clothes pin

The pans are fairly close to each other, so if you’d prefer to have taller items placed on the tier I’d recommend taller spools or wood candlesticks would also work.

Enjoy! Thank you for being a part of The Rocking Horse Farmhouse…