DIY Chalk Painted Eggs

Sharing simple chalk painted spring eggs from the Dollar Tree.

Materials- $3

  • Ceramic Eggs | Dollar Tree
  • Chalk Paints
  • Paint Brush

  • The eggs can be found in the Easter items

  • I used what I had on hand which was green chalkboard paint and Sandy Beach- beige chalkpaint

  • Wipe the egg with a paper towel for a clean surface
  • Remove the green string and metal clip with plyers or scissors

  • Apply the paint
  • The paint dried within 5 minutes

  • Speckled paint:
  • For the next part, I used a small box and placed a paper towel over the box to make a painting backdrop

  • Apply a small amount of paint to the brush

  • Begin flicking the brush and paint onto each egg. For smaller specks, flick farther away and for larger specks, flick closer.

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