Trending Target Spring Decor

A blessed and happy spring y’all! Spring at the The Rocking Horse Farmhouse has been filled with greens, whites, bunnies, wicker baskets, vintage decor and faux plants. Here are a few of our favorite trending spring decor from Target.

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It’s time to put out those cute bunnies. There are so many styles and materials of bunnies. I’ve seen stone, cement, fabric, paper and chicken wire bunnies to name a few. These bunnies I found at Target are foam-core bunnies wrapped in paper. I love the primitive look they have.


I’ve started collecting tiered trays. There’s something about the tiered trays that I am so intrigued by. The green on this tier is lovely and would go well anytime of the year. We decorate the tiers with all kinds of items. During spring we use plants, eggs, ceramics and vintage items in our tiers. What types of decor do y’all fill your tiers with?


Metal farmhouse storage bin with chicken wire and compartments. This piece has a galvanize look with green accents. I like the hints of green against the galvanized metal.


Vintage my friends is here to stay, and thank heavens because these classy pieces bring so much joy. I like the pops of black against the white. This perpetual calender looks authentic and has a sweet little bird on top; perfect for spring.


These brown wicker baskets have a natural look and are so pretty when you place plants, flowers or linens inside. This particular basket is made from banana leaf twigs. The basket has a lid and plenty of storage.


Plants! Spring is all about growth and new beginnings and plants say just that. I’ve been noticing a lot of faux plants and flowers in homes. Most faux plants are looking more realistic every year. These pretty lilacs from Targey are one of my favorites.


Happy Spring Y’all! Thank you for being a part of The Rocking Horse Farmhouse…