DIY Dinosaur Birthday

Sharing our DIY Dinosaur Birthday. Birthdays are my favorite to decorate and prepare for because the themes are fun. We invited family only and kept the planning low-key. We didn’t have games or goody bags, but one certainly could! With choosing the dinosaur theme, we also chose a color pallet of green, brown and white. I like to use what I have on hand before purchasing items. I had colored paper, garland, candles candlesticks, a cake platter, tins, egg crate and plastic dinosaurs.

For the backdrop we cut the streamers into several pieces and placed each streamer on a piece of green duct tape. I do not recommend duct tape if you’re worried about your walls, try a different method or backdrop. We cut leaves and placed the leaves at the top of the backdrop and completing the decor with the felt dinosaur banner at the center. We Added the striped tablecloth, the candles, candlesticks and garland for a evening/jungle feel. I hope our vision of a dinosaur birthday has inspired. Have a roaring time…

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Dinosaur Mold

Dino Banner

Table Cloth

Brown Plates

Brown Streamers

Green Streamer

Candlestick | Dollar Tree

Candle | Dollar Tree

Garland | Kirklands

3 Balloon

  • Egg Crate | TJ Maxx
  • Round Galvanized Tins | Target

  • Chalkboard Decor
  • Paper Dino Footprints- DIY

Dino Wrapping | Home Goods

Eggs | Dollar Tree

Dinos | Dollar Tree

Candy Eggs | Dollar Tree


  • Chocolate Cake with a Crunch Candy Bar with Green Chocolate Beads
  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Dino sugar cookies
  • Green Dyed popcorn
  • Hand & Cheese Dino Sandwhiches

  • Green Apple Crystal Lite with Sprite

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