Lemon Greenery from Target

It’s Spring and we’re brining out the lemon decor here at The Rocking Horse Farmhouse. I recently found several faux lemon greenery at Target. I can almost smell fresh lemons just by looking at the decor. Enjoy!

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A rich green leaves with bright yellow lemons, the perfect addition to natural decor. I like the simple look the wreath has.


Topiarys arw very popular right now and this particular one is 18in tall so it goes well on countertops and or a shelf. I’d place one on a fireplace mantel.


This is a spray, perfectly used as a filler but can also stand alone in a vase.



Oh my garland. I’m a garland gal.. I found the lemon garland at Target and it’s 5 feet long. I like this particular piece because of how realistic it is. The garland has the natural green leaves and bright lemons.


Go and squeeze the day! Thank you for being a part of The Rocking Horse Farmhouse…