Farmhouse Tiered Trays From Target

There’s the Cat Lady, Plant Lady and me the Tiered-tray Lady. I’m the person who has a tiered-tray in each room of the home. I cannot get enough of the fun-farmhouse tiered trays. My favorite tiers are the wood, metal and chicken wire tiered-trays. Tiers are multi-functional. We use our tiers for desserts, decor, holidays and other household items. What do you put in your tiered-trays?

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A wooden 2-tiered designed tray. Whether you’re serving scrumptious foods or using the tier as a centrepiece this wood tier is a lovely choice. Wood tiers are classic and rustic, certainly one of my favorite tiered trays.

Wood 2-Tier

A wood and metal tier with a three-tier design. The best of both worlds with this tier. I recently made a tiered stand made of both wood and metal and the contrast of the two materials give the tier character.

Wood & Metal

There’s something about the tiers that I am so intrigued by. The green on this tier is lovely and would go well anytime of the year. During the spring we use plants, eggs, ceramics and vintage items in our tiers.

Green Metal

I added this tier because I had never seen a tier like this one. This tier is made of enamel with a rolling pin at the center. The tier has the obvious white and black trim. I’d use this two-tier as a planter.

White Metal

A two-time serving tray with a rustic look. These trays would be fun to have in a bathroom or used as a planter.

Tin Tray

A tin tray with a handle. The materials here are wood and metal.


Hope y’all enjoyed the post and happy tiered-stand hunting! Thank you for being a part of The Rocking Horse Farmhouse…