Organizing Pinterest Boards

Sharing with y’all how to simply organize Pinterest boards.

Choose your niche and or a theme/Colors. What do you mostly pin? What message do you want to send to fellow pinners?

It’s time to create! I’m a farmhouse homemaker who enjoys DIY crafts, farmhouse decorating and own a family based blog, I also collect rocking horses and like the colors blue and green. Here’s our logo I created:

Our logo was a photo I took of our favorite wooden rocking horse ‘Mollie Brown’ and digitally turned the photo into a sketch. I used several apps including Line Camera, Pic See and Snap Seed to create our logo and Pinterest board covers.

I wanted our logo to match the Pinterest board covers so I used the same sketch of Mollie Brown for all of the Pinterest board covers. Here’s an example of one of the covers:

I have 21 boards on Pinterest so this task was manageable but if you have too many boards making covers for each board may be a daunting task. With that being said here’s how to change the Pinterst board covers:

  • Use a laptop
  • Add the Pin/Cover to the board you’d like the new cover on
  • Open the edit board section
  • Scroll to ‘change cover’
  • Locate the new Pin/Cover
  • Click Save
  • Repeat for each board

If you haven’t already, I recommend placing pins into section boards within each board, a new feature Pinterest offers. After updating board covers and adding/organizing the pins into sections your Pinterest profile will appear organized and inviting. Best of luck y’all and enjoy creating…

Thank you for being a part of The Rocking Horse Farmhouse…